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Dentistry in Georgia: What You Need to Know to Make the Right Choice

According to official data from the National Statistics Service, more than 7 million tourists visited Georgia in 2023. In addition to beautiful landscapes, rich cultural heritage, Trans-Caucasian hospitality and incredibly delicious food, tourists are attracted by inexpensive high-quality medical services.

Why is it so? Why do more and more tourists come to Georgia to get a healthy and beautiful smile? What unique services can local clinics and specialists offer and, most importantly, how much does it cost? We talked about this with the founder and CEO of Elite International Group LLC Arkadiy Gorelov.

Why does the number of Israeli medical tourists who come to Georgia for dental services grow every year?

Well, firstly, I would like to note that Georgia has highly qualified dentists who studied not only in Georgia, but also in foreign countries. They constantly take advanced courses, participate in dental equipment exhibitions, and follow the latest technological trends and news in the field of dentistry.

Our dentists also have significant experience working abroad. Therefore, they use the most advanced treatment methods. We all know about Georgian hospitality. Our doctors always have an individual approach to patients. Many people say that they managed to find their dentist only in Georgia. A professional who they can trust and feel comfortable with.

Dental clinics in Georgia use modern equipment. For example, Elite Dent uses PIC hardware (the most accurate and effective solution for dental rehabilitation – implant prosthetics). It is currently used in only 200 clinics around the world. This digital technology allows for unprecedented All-on-6/All-on-4 precision. It helps avoid damages to expensive zirconium structures, reduce the patient’s stay and avoid additional visits.

I would also like to note the developed infrastructure and impeccable service. Thanks to partnerships in medical tourism, our dental clinics can provide excellent hotels, apartments, transfers, and support.

Our staff will always be with you at all stages of treatment, help you resolve any issues and speak to you in your native language.

And of course, the main advantage is the prices!

The cost of treatment in Georgia for tourists from Israel saves up to 70%. Depending on the scope of necessary dental procedures, you can save tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of shekels. For patients from the USA and developed European countries, such as the UK, France, Benelux, as well as the Gulf countries, such as UAE and Saudi Arabia, cost savings can reach tens of thousands USD or EUR.

The affordability of medicine in Georgia attracts foreign patients in other areas: not only dentistry, but also cosmetology, plastic surgery, hair implantation and surrogacy services.

By the way, we offer hotel prices for our patients that are significantly below the local market, not to mention prices in Israel.

For example, in Tbilisi, single-occupancy accommodation is $40 and double-occupancy accommodation is $50 (you get 2 nights for free with every visit).

In Batumi, single-occupancy accommodation at ROGO MEDICAL AND AESTETIC CENTER is $35 and double-occupancy accommodation is $45.

You get 2 nights for free as well!

Speaking about the current level of dentistry in Georgia, what materials and treatment methods do doctors use?

Georgian dentists use a variety of modern materials and methods for dental treatment.

Here are some of them:

- Zirconium veneers and crowns: used to restore damaged teeth. They have high aesthetics and durability. Currently, the latest generation of 3D/4D zirconium is used, which is the most aesthetic prosthetic practice to date.

- In the field of implantation, Georgian dentists successfully perform tooth extraction and implant placement surgeries.

- Implants replace lost teeth and provide reliable support for dentures. Our clinics use implants from leading companies, such as Straumann and IMPLANT SWISS (Switzerland), ICX (Germany), Lasak (Czech Republic), as well as ALPHA BIO, MIS, SMART (Israel) etc.

We have also found a solution for patients who started treatment in Turkey and are forced to continue treatment in Georgia. Everybody gets home with a dazzling smile and, of course, saves a lot of money.

Our dentists use modern methods of treating caries and pulpitis.

There is a variety of options to treat these conditions. Lets look at some of them:

- Ozone therapy: Ozone is used to disinfect and demineralize affected teeth. This method helps reduce the number of bacteria and restore enamel.

- Remineralization: This process aims to restore the mineral composition of the enamel.

Special preparations containing calcium and phosphorus help strengthen teeth and prevent further decay.

Endodontic treatment (treatment of pulpitis): In case of pulpitis, when the infection affects the dental pulp, the pulp is removed and then the root canals are filled. This is a complex process that requires a highly qualified dentist.

Photopolymer fillings: these fillings are made of modern composite materials and will be the same color as your natural teeth. They also have good strength and durability.

Laser therapy: Lasers are used to disinfect and remove damaged tissue.

Remember that the choice of treatment method depends on the disease development, the patient’s individual characteristics and the doctor’s recommendations. It is important to seek professional help for an accurate diagnosis and determine the best treatment approach.

- Orthodontic treatment: Georgian orthodontists use braces, removable appliances and other methods to correct the bite and straighten the teeth.

- Professional hygiene: Regular professional cleaning helps maintain healthy gums and prevent oral diseases.

- Prosthetics: Georgian dentists create prosthetic dentures, including removable and fixed

dentures, that look aesthetically and naturally like natural teeth, in order to restore the function and appearance of the teeth.

Tell me, please, you can provide dental services only in Tbilisi? Or your company can offertreatment in other cities?

There are many good modern clinics in Georgia. For example, Rogo Clinic in Batumi.

We started our cooperation last year, and today it is a leading center for innovative dentistry. In addition to dental services, it offers plastic surgery, cosmetology and hair implantation services. The clinic has its own laboratory for a general blood test needed for any surgical intervention.

It is important to add that a microscope is used for all dental root treatment procedures, so that the doctor can see even the smallest details and get an ideal result.

Also, this is the only clinic in Georgia (and one of the few in the world) that has a dental office designed for patients with disabilities, including people in a wheelchair.

And it has the largest dental laboratory in Georgia and in the entire Trans-Caucasian egion with 50 dental technicians and an internal product quality control department.

I would especially like to mention the SMILE STUDIO Clinic with wonderful doctors who take on the most difficult cases and give patients a new life with a new smile. Also, this is one of the few clinics that has all the capabilities and necessary licenses to provide treatment both under sedation and under full anesthesia. This clinic cooperates with the luxurious WINE PALACE Hotel located within walking distance, with very friendly and hospitable owner Giorgiy. The highlight of this place is the wine cellar, where our patients can taste different types of wines, chacha, brandy and cognac produced by the owner himself. Our patients enjoy spending their free evenings there, chatting and tasting Georgian wines. Of course, all this happens with the consent or knowledge of the doctor.
Please tell us about the service you can offer to dental tourists from Israel?

Our company offers a full range of services for supporting patients from Israel and all over the world. For patients, we provide services for booking air tickets, hotel reservations, transfers from the airport to hotels, as well as travel programs and tours. The employees who know several languages (English, Georgian, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic) have been working for a long time at our company. If necessary, we can also get translators from other languages. Our supporting staff understands the specifics of working with patients, has basic knowledge of dentistry and is able to answer all questions and serve as a channel for communication between patients and their doctors.

The question that worries most patients is what will happen if problems arise when returning home? Are there any guarantees and for what?

Let’s not hide the fact that there are now many agents who promise warranty service in Israel, but in fact, these turn out to be only promises. I advise patients to find out in advance who will provide this service in Israel, under what conditions and in which clinic.

Even if you received an answer and got the name of the clinic in Israel, I advise everyone to call the clinic and check whether they cooperate with a particular agent or clinic in Georgia. You can do this by calling any of our partner clinics in Israel.

Of course, if problems arise, you can fly to Georgia and fix it under warranty, but considering the cost of flights (especially when it needs to be done urgently) and accommodation, it will be very expensive. Therefore, when choosing a clinic, it is important to take into account these costs, not to mention the risks of untimely dental care.

We cooperate with the largest network of dental clinics in Israel – the Dr. Amos Buchnik Clinic, as well as with the clinics of Dr. Igor Ostrovsky in Bat Yam and Alef Dent in Ramat Gan.

All this information is on our website, and each patient can check and contact the clinics listed on our website, ask questions and receive truthful answers.

The motto of our company is transparency, first-class service and high-quality dental services from our partner clinics.

And for patients, our motto is “We will return your smile without you having to mortgage your property.” We also work together with one of the largest insurance agencies in Israel – SATBAR, led by its owner, Avigdor Teshuva, which directly deals with dental insurance. Together with this agency and in collaboration with the network of Dr. Amos Buchnik’s clinics, we are exploring the possibility of creating a guarantee agreement between our patients, clinics in Georgia and Israel for the provision of guarantee services after the end of dental intervention, for a period of one to 5 years, depending on treatment. Once this is implemented, clients will be able to purchase a suitable warranty service program directly on our website.

I think that soon the Georgian government will initiate laws prohibiting the work of clinics without a license. It will ban unscrupulous agents who do not have accreditation to work in medical tourism from the Ministry of Health of Georgia, since their actions cause irreparable reputational damage to the image of many clinics, and also, in general, to medical tourism in Georgia.
What if an emergency problem arises and it is not possible to fly to Georgia? What should

patients do?

I will also answer very briefly! Just dial our phone number and we will do our best to solve most problems, without you having to fly to Georgia!

What are the strengths of dental tourism to Georgia?

Here is the most laconic answer: QUALITY and AFFORDABLE to everyone who needs dental treatment and a perfect smile! And you combine a trip to a wonderful country with beautiful nature, hospitable people, delicious cuisine, and extraordinary wine.

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